World Chen Taijiquan Association - Poland

         WCTAP - World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association  Poland  is part of World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association. WCTA is world organization founded by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang already acting in over 20 countries of the world. WCTAP obtained certificate from Grandmaster Chen per representation him, use organization logo and handling his name and image to promote Chen Taijiquan in Poland.
 WCTAP is steered by two pupils of Master Chen Xiaowang:
               Jarosława Jodzisa - president of WCTAP
               Marka Balinskiego - v-ce president
Both were accepted by Master Chen as his  "in door students", and obtained his recommendation to 5 duan degrees awarded after examination by the International Wushu Federation.

J. Jodzis
              Jarosław Jodzis
- born in 1958 in Poland.  Graduate a Technical University in Warsaw in 1986. Martial art practice  from 1978. He began his training in traditional Okinawan Karatedo school - Doshinkan led by Master Hanshi Isao Ichikawa,  with whom he practiced over 20 years getting a title Renshi and rank 6 dan.
After death of Master Ichikawa (1996) he devoted more to taijiquan which he start to learn in 1981)
More deep he start to investigate this art from 1989 with young Chinese master Zhang Xiao Ping and later with master Chen Shi Hong who lives and teach taijiquan in Vienna / Austria
In 1998 met a Grand Master Chen Xiaowang on seminary in Hamburg
From this time he devoted to study chen taijiquan meeting with Master Chen  few times in a year on seminars in Europe
In 1999 invites GM Chen to Poland who continue his teaching there visiting Poland every year.
In 2001 together with friends established World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association Poland and became president of this Association.
In 2006 was accepted by GM Chen as a inner door student during special ceremony in a Chen Wang Ting Temple in Chenjiagou and became formal student of 20 generation Chen Family Taijiquan.
Lives in Myslakowice, small mountain village in south west  Poland teaching taijiquan in nearby city and on seminars in other cities in Poland.
Has a wife and three children.