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30 sierpień 2017
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Chen Bing International Summer Camp

Data: 28 sierpień 2017 09:30 do 02 wrzesień 2017 18:00

28-30.08 - spear / stick form (włócznia/ kij) 
31.08-02.09 - laojia yilu, tuishou

9.30 -12.30 -  morning class 
12.30 -15.00 - lunch, free time 
15.00 -18.00 - afternoon class
19.45 - 21.00 (wednesday 30.08) - lecture and question time by Master Chen Bing
(depends on possibility of good translation from mandarin to english)
19.30 (friday 01.09) - together dinner with Master Chen Bing

Price: (only trainings)
registr. till 30.04 / after 30.04.2017
1 day  -   60 euro  /   70 euro
2 days - 115 euro / 130 euro
3 days - 160 euro / 180 euro
4 days - 200 euro / 220 euro
5 days - 230 euro / 260 euro
6 days - 260 euro / 290 euro

About accomodation.

Everyone organize accomodation by themselves. There are variety of pensions, restaurants, hotels and apartments in nearby the training place within 5-15 min drive or walk.
Closest to the Gym are:

Campea hotel, next to the gym,
there are following prices for people booking with code "Taijicamp":
1 person/night 1000 Kc
2 persons/night 1250 Kc 
3 persons/night 1780 Kc.

In Brno, there are various events during holiday, so it would be good to reserve room during spring. When people reserve their rooms, they should indicate that it is for Taiji seminar. If there are more than 20 people, we can get 10% reduction of price.

CAMPEA APARTHOTEL Studentská 1, 625 00 Brno 
Tel.: +420 539 013 696 
email: info@campea-aparthotel.cz 

Faculty Hospital (nurse hotel)
It is possoble to get accomodation in two big buildings next to Campea, which belong to Faculty Hospital. They have just four rooms, which they rent. The price is low 350 Kc per person/night. Rooms are for two people, but there can be just one. Room contains toilet, wash basic but shower is common for more rooms on the floor.

Ubytovna FN Brno, Netroufalky 1 
tel: 532238004
e-mail: zpolacek@fnbrno.cz

Other possibility:
10-15 min drive (bus or car) find contact on google map in nearby Campea hotel.

Parking Place

arriving to the training by car

There are parking place close to the the Gym but only for people working in University Complex (etrance by automatic gate),  so best  place to parking car is big parking by Tesco Market in nearby (close to rondo, ca 200 m from Gym). see map ->>

Arriving by bus

Poeple arriving to Brno by train or bus to the Gym, take bus nb 60 or 61. Second map shows area around railways station and bus station GRAND. There is bus stop "Uzka" where buses 60 and 61 go to Univerzitni Kampus.

Free time

For the evenings we are planning 1 or 2 meetings with lecture and question time with Master Chen Bing. One evening (Friday) together party dinner for all participants (we'll see if it can be a kind of garden party, or inside restaurant)
Other activity
In this map you can see Trollyebus stop number 25. Five stations from this place, (get off station "Anthropos") you are in big park next to river. It is a nice place to practice taiji. In the middle of the park there is pavillion "Anthropos" which is Museum anthropology and caffe.
Mapka3,  shows lake (Brnenska prehrada) at the end of Brno, and location of the Gym
(an arrow on the map) . You can get there by car within 20 min. This is nice place to go swimming when weather will be hot.
Of course people can go to Brno Old City Center, or Mikulov (berautifull old small town direction Vienna, ca 50 km from Brno, high way ca 35-40 min drive) and make some evening sightseeing.


Czech Rep: David Pirochta;

Austra: Paris Lainas

till 30.04.2017 (lower price) to main Organizer or country coorganizer (see above picture info)
Till end of April only registration is enough, payment. can be done later. 
Online Registration

Paying in euro for the camp during seminary, or in advance till end of July, to account:

1 MAJA 23 B
Nb: PL10 1140 2004 0000 3112 0048 2125   

Zgłoszenia najlepiej do 30 kwietnia 2017 (nizsza cena za udział)
Noclegi samodzielnie,rezerwacje w Campea Hotel (ca 150 m od Hali) zniżka dla "TaijiCamp" (rezerw. od lutego 2017)

Wpłata zaliczki ( to potwierdza zgłoszenie) w zł do konca czerwca, 220 zł na konto:
Konto inteligo
Jarosław Jodzis
1 Maja 23 B
58 533 Mysłakowice
Nr: 50 1020 5558 1111 1242 9780 0006
tytułem Chen Bing oboz
Pozostała wpłata w euro, już na miejscu odliczajac zaliczkę (ca 50 euro)

więcej informacji:
Jarosław Jodzis
tel. 693 647 364